Friday, October 09, 2009

Shed of the Year 2010: judges announced

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Uncle Wilco has announced the full line-up of judges for next year's Shed of the Year competition:
* property guru Sarah Beeny
* US shed expert Debra Prinzing (who once descibed me as "the shed-dweller's “boy-next-door”)
* Simon Greenish, Director of the Bletchley Park Trust
* Last year's Shed of the Year winner Steven Harwood
* Uncle Wilco himself
* Me

I've also heard a rumour that a major politician could be added to the line-up although this is as yet unconfirmed. Who could it be? Your guesses below please.

More details as we get closer to the big week which promises to be even more special than usual.

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