Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shed song

Wilco at the blog mentioned Perth-based writer and musician Bob Davidson earlier this week and Bob's site is certainly worth a look. You can listen to - and indeed buy - his lovely song I'm Gonna Live In My Shed ("I don't know what goes through my head/Things in this world make me see red/But I don't want to spend all day in bed/I want to live in my shed."). Bob has also written a book, A Diary From The Wooden Shed, in which he spends 60 days in his shed. Here's the blurb: "Look out, look out the Bird Flu will get you! One man’s attempt to escape the virus. But just what could possibly happen to anyone locked in a garden shed? Armed with only a Swiss Army Knife, some bananas, a supply of porridge and a clean pair of pants the hero embarks on a voyage of discovery. Self discovery and the discovery of other people and other things. All sorts of discoveries really, but not The Discovery Channel or that off-road vehicle, the Landrover Discovery which is too big, or that marvellous ship near the railway station in Dundee." Available from Amazon here.

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