Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All the world's a hot spot

Well, it will be soon with obvious implications for all those who work from home/shed. This piece in The Times by Rhys Blakely which looks at how London's Square Mile is now a gigantic wi-fi hotspot thanks to wireless broadband provider The Cloud. "The system has been designed to give 350,000 workers reliable internet access away from their offices via laptops, PDAs and smartphones," writes Blakely. "It echoes other schemes bent on making internet access ubiquitous, championed by groups such as Google in San Francisco. Access to what is being billed as the “densest, most comprehensive city-wide wi-fi network in Europe” will be free for the next month. After that, users will be charged £11.99 a month for “all you can eat” access to broadband speeds of up to 8MBs, or £4.50 for an hour."


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    interestingly, westminster is doing the same. in response though, vodaphone and one of the other mobile networks have disabled the ability to use free internet telephony on their phones! what a bummer! makes it worthwhile to buy the phones instead of taking the freebee from the networks!

    Cheers for blogging about my shed by the way, things are quieting down now while invisible work is being undertaken!


  2. Yes, there's a battle brewing here. And there are similar ventures around the country e.g. Norwich.

    Glad to hear that the shed is going well. Looking forward to the finished product!