Thursday, April 19, 2007

Working from Home - new blog

I'm enjoying the new Working from Home blog which is described as "a dumping ground for the day-to-day work I carry out at home, in order to keep a record of my progress. I will endeavour to make it interesting by including any events surrounding w.f.h. and any interesting snacks I make while waiting for downloads!"

To be truthful, it's the snack element I'm particularly interested in, a subject close to the heart of many homeworkers. Here's a typical post, from April 18. "I had mackerel on toast in the hope that the omega 3 would kick in quick as my brain doesn't seem to be on top form today. I also had de-caf coffee in the hope that I don't cancel out the omega 3 with caffeine, although probably caffeine would help at this stage! I don't have any bananas left or I would have a couple and live in hope that would kick start my brain cells..." Well worth a look.

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