Sunday, January 08, 2023

Susan Green: shedworker

Artistan bookbinder and bespoke book maker Susan Green runs Bound by Hand and works from her bespoke bookbinding studio at her home in Wimborne, Dorset. You can read more about her beautifully calming setup on her blog (pictured above) but here's a snippet about how she started as a shedworker:

Like many people, in 2020 I made a hasty shift to working from home when covid hit. Luckily we had not long before moved to a house with a garden room, which we affectionally call 'the cabin'. It had electricity and running water and was a pretty decent size, so I was able to set up a makeshift bookbinding studio. I had a folding wooden garden chair at my desk (not recommended), essential materials in boxes and two trestle tables for workbenches that family members no longer needed.


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