Thursday, January 05, 2023

Ultimate Space Company: How to lease a garden office

The Hove and Bath-based Ultimate Space Company offer this rather attractive and compact hexagonal garden office pod, coming in at 2.1m x 1.85m x 2.5m, with a circular roof light and full-length double-glazed door and window.

It's fully insulated (Soundhush acoustic panels and Kingspan Quadcore wall panels), claims to need no ongoing maintenance (it's made of aluminium, glass and steel), and arrives ready to go with an adjustable desk and shelving, LED lights, plus a wifi router and fuse board. There's a choice of five colours for the internal panels so you can go all the same colour or mix and match - the panels have a simple interchangeable hanging system. The solid steel chassis sits on six large adjustable feet.

What's particularly interesting is that they are also targeting employers as well as employees, emphasising that shedworking is "The most cost effective, tax efficient and sustainable benefit for every business to attract and maintain staff." While you can buy them outright, they also offer a range of lease options starting from £319 + vat per month (plus £750 initial installation cost).


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