Sunday, January 22, 2023

How much can you earn from your garden room?

New research from Crown Pavilions indicates how much you can earn from renting out a garden room on Airbnb in counties across the UK.

The study analysing Airbnb data indicates that you can earn the most in Suffolk, with an average of £96 per night, or £672 per week.This was followed by the City of London (£95 per night) and Rutland in the East Midlands (£87 per night). Across England, on average, people could expect to earn £338 per week by renting out their garden room.

Across the border in Scotland, the Scottish Highlands topped the list with an average earning of £77 per night, followed by Argyll and Bute (£73 per night) and East Lothian (£69 per night). In Scotland, on average, people could expect to earn £349 per week.

In Wales, first place went to Gwynedd (£63 per night) then a tie between Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire at £60 per night. The countrywide average was £332 per week. Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, Down ranked first at £60 a night, or £420 a week. The NI average was £342 per week with Fermanagh (£54) and Armagh (£46) close behind Down.

Garden rooms can be let out for short-term stays, providing that you have the appropriate planning permission and that your build adheres to building regulations. “If you're planning on setting up your garden room for Airbnb rentals, there are a few steps you'll need to take to ensure that your space is ready for guests,” said Luke Dejahang, CEO and co-founder of Crown Pavilions (Sandringham model pictured top).

"Having ensured that you have the right permissions, you'll then want to make sure that the room is clean and well-maintained. You should also consider adding amenities such as a shower, mini-fridge or TV to make your guests' stay more comfortable. Additionally, be sure to provide detailed check-in instructions and make yourself available to answer any questions or address any concerns your guests may have. With a bit of preparation and attention to detail, your garden room can be a make a great short stay rental.” 

Find full results of the research at the Crown Pavilions' site here.  


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