Monday, January 23, 2023

Brosh Architects Studio new garden office

While we naturally report on many garden offices which are designed by architects, we rarely see ones designed by them for themselves. So it's intriguing to take a look at what Brosh Architects came up with when they needed additional office space as they expanded the company rather than spending money on renting office space in central London (as well as cutting the commute).
"The shape of the space was born from the odd shape of the rear garden and internal spaces were designed to fit a working office and guest room with ensuite for guests and family to come to visit as well as space for garden storage," said owner Lior Brosh. 
Initially the cantilever roof was not part of the design, but was added after a visit to up-state New York, USA where many homes featured front porches with hanging benches. The structure was built with blockwork walls and timber structure roof with black colour fibre-cement cladding. Internally, there's a concrete floor with birch plywood walls and ceilings so that, according to Brosh, "it can be aesthetically minimal as a working environment whilst still feeling warm and cosy on dark winter days."


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