Monday, January 09, 2023

Garden office (also good for movie nights and gaming)


Here's the London garden office belonging to food photographer and image retoucher Hema and her husband Ajai who met on Channel4's First Dates six years ago and are now married. It's a Malvern Garden Buildings build, its Pent model, which they call 'Rodney' after one of Ajai's favourite pubs in Nottingham. Here's what Hema says about their shedworking journey:

“After moving into our first home 18 months ago, we’d planned for various renovations to start this year. As both of us work from home part of the week, we wanted to create extra space so our working environments didn’t encroach into the bedrooms or living areas. Ajai had been working from what we’d planned to be our dining and entertaining area, so we wanted a separate space for him to be able to work from home comfortably without interruptions, but also a space where he could relax and use as a gaming room.

"Prior to Ajai’s WFH office furniture going into the building, we managed to fit a few ‘dinner date nights’ in. Whilst the space was emptier, I was able to get creative with the styling – plenty of floor cushions, throws and candles can really transform a space! Since then, the electrics have been installed and he has fully setup his WFH office in the studio. We’ve also added a few cosy furnishings for movie and games nights – rug, sofa, side table and lamp.”


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