Friday, January 20, 2023

Shepherd's hut toilets

We've covered toilets in garden offices regularly on Shedworking as the rise in people wanting to include them as part of their build has become increasingly apparent over the last decade. What we haven't done is anything specifically on toilets in shepherds' huts, but Richard Lee at specialist hut supplier Plankbridge has now come up with his thoughts in an excellent short article on the subject. Here's a snippet:

It’s always worth considering the layout of your shepherd’s hut, and the toilet noises that may emanate from within. It's best not to position the toilet too close to the bed for example, our Signature huts have the toilet at the opposite end of the shepherd’s hut to the bed.

If the addition of such services to the shepherd’s hut isn’t possible you can fit a cassette type toilet, familiar in a caravan, motor home or boat. Some have a small tank of water to flush, or are connected to a water feed. Most simply have a hatch which drops into the chamber below. These have a cassette which needs emptying from time to time.


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