Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Multi-use garden studio

Every year we try and predict trends in the world of garden offices and studios, and for our first post in 2022 our crystal ball is suggesting that we're going to see a lot more multi-purpose constructions, ones in which people can work but also use as additional guest space or simply as a 'chillout' area. Above is a typical example from London-based daab design for a client in the south of France (lots more images by Henry Woide at the link) which is more than a traditional garden office since it includes bedroom space, but is also intended for use as a painting and yoga studio. 

This is what they say about it: "We conceived the cabin as a flexible guest studio or arts space... designed as one space separated by a central bathroom pod, giving the family a flexible space to relax, practice yoga, sleep, or paint." 


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