Thursday, January 27, 2022

Step-by-step studio build

It's been a while since we highlighted a step-by-step homemade garden office build. Design and brand expert Rich Carter is the latest to very generously give us the benefit of his first hand experience in an excellent series of four posts that take us from early thoughts (pictured top) to finished office, a fully illustrated pandemic build. Here's a snippet:

This building project has taught me so much, from practical skills to problem solving. But most of it has taught me patience. Things will go wrong. Accept it, take a deep breath and think about how I can work out a solution. I’ve also learnt not to expect so much of myself all the time. When the weekend would come around I had about ten tasks I wanted to complete – when in reality only one or two, if I was lucky, would get done. That’s ok though. I was moving forward and I can see that now with the benefit of hindsight. This long and at times stressful project has given me a new perspective, a new confidence in myself that I’m excited to take forward into future projects.  

If you're planning something similar, it's an absolute must-read, and even if you're not it's really interesting.


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