Sunday, January 09, 2022

Treehouses at Kew design competition

Shed design klaxon! The Royal Botanic Gardens and the Museum of Architecture have teamed up for a new project, Treehouses at Kew. The final results, on show to the public from April 2023, will include seven treehouses and the two organisations are looking for designers to come up with something special, ideally that celebrates play, nature’s architecture andbiomimicry, and showcases pioneering sustainable materials and innovative design. Garden offices are not specified, but they would certainly fit these categories. The budget is a generous £139,000 per treehouse, plus some additional help with materials and engineering. Here's some more detail (full information at the link above):

The exhibition will communicate the value of good design and the role architects can play in addressing some of the most pressing problems we face today – how can we use materials sustainably, how can we respond to the climate crisis and how can we build for the needs of people and the planet.

Each treehouse design should be accessible to all our visitors. Designs should champion Kew’s beautiful and important trees, and be inspired and informed by Kew’s vital scientific research into plants and fungi. With an informal, playful approach we will allow our narratives to be told in an understandable yet compelling way.


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