Saturday, January 08, 2022


Julie Grabham runs her awardwinning HR company JG HR Solutions from two bases in Wales, but most intriguingly works regularly from her tool shed at her home in Lampeter. As recounted in an excellent piece in Wales HR Network, she was one of the many people who turned to shedworking during lockdown in order to continue offering advice to her many UK clients, and on social media using the hashtag #HRFromMyShed. Here's a snippet from the piece:
“The thought of me conducting professional and confidential phone calls, surrounded by pots and tools in my shed was ludicrous. I sent my daughters a photo of me working in the shed and they texted back with “#HRFromMyShed”. I knew that there was an idea there and started filming videos of me giving business advice from my shed.” 
She also records useful videos inside the shed on a range of HR topics which you can find at her page on YouTube.


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