Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Polhus: Swedish garden offices

We regularly feature Sweden on Shedworking because of their long history of building sheds and other shedlike structures such as Friggebod. Here's an update on garden offices there from our regular Swedish correspondent:

"In Sweden we are again advised by the authorities to work from home as much as possible. The pandemic has not resulted in a big boost of shoffices, but there is a clear demand for bigger flats and houses so homeworkers can get the extra space needed. But now one producer of tiny houses and cabins seems to have spotted a possible new market. Polhus is selling these cabins with - I guess - references to wellknown Swedish writers - August [pictured above] for Strindberg, Hjalmar for Gullberg and Selma for Lagerlöf. The August cabin is readymade and just needs a lift into the garden, the others you buy in a kit and assemble yourself."
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