Thursday, December 09, 2021

Mini fridge for the garden office

As we bustle towards December 25, we continue our occasional look at possible Christmas present ideas for the shedworker in your life, which may of course very well be you. This time we're looking at widely available mini fridges. One thing to bear in mind of course is simply the size of the beast, taking into account what space you can afford in your garden office. But it's also worth knowing that there is a wide selection of titchy domestic fridges which are ostensibly for keeping beauty products cool but are equally useful in doing the same job for food.

So above as an example is the Russell Hobbs Retro Portable Beauty Cooler and Warmer. It holds a tidy 14L of stuff within its white glossy exterior, and as well as a cooler you can flick a switch and turn it into a warmer too, up to 65°C above the ambient temperature. Below is something similar, the StylPro Beauty Fridge with rose gold detail.

Here's something a bit more conventionally fridgey, the AstroAI Mini Fridge which comes with a carry handle and a removable shelf. Again, this one holds 4L.

And finally, the Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge, also 4L and built to be really quiet.


For more ideas, take a look at mini fridge roundups by the Daily Telegraph and BBC Good Food.


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