Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Helen Peters' ideal writer's shed


There's an excellent interview with awardwinning writer Helen Peters, author of the Jasmine Green series and most recently A Puppy Called Sparkle, at the Reading Zone. She talks in particular about the key role that sheds played in her early life and has a marvellous answer when asked to describe her ideal writer's shed.

A: This is something I think about a lot! Whenever I visit a stately home with a beautiful summerhouse in the garden, I redecorate it in my imagination as my writing shed.

So my ideal writing shed wouldn't really be a shed at all, but a grand summerhouse with brick walls, tiled floors and a high ceiling. All along the front wall would be floor-to-ceiling French windows, and the other walls would be lined with books. I would have a big table facing the windows, and a fireplace in one wall, so I could keep cosy with a log fire in the winter.

The summerhouse would be in a garden full of flowers and fruit trees and singing birds, and all around the garden would be woods and hills. The garden would be walled on three sides, but at the front it would open out on to a lake. When I needed a break from writing, I would swim in the lake or walk in the woods and hills.

You can read the whole interview, it's quite short, via the link above. 


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