Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Adding light to garden offices

Over the years, garden office suppliers have increased the size of windows and added windows into doors to increase the amount of light into the shedlike space within. Leading interior designer Abigail Ahern has another solution, installing a Velux roof window (she explains and shows us around her work cabin in the video below). In an interesting interview with plenty of photos in Vogue, she describes how the increased daylight helps her general mood and improve the atmosphere. Here's a snippet:

“Where I work changes with the light. As the sun moves around the house, this little garden office is now the most amazing space to be in. This window has completely transformed a super gloomy, tiny space into something that’s bathed in soft daylight from above, which is beautiful.”

More details about her cabin life on her blog here, and also in an interview with the Guardian.

Image courtesy Velux


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