Monday, December 06, 2021

Garden office installation: the shedworker's view

Today we have a guest post from James Taylor who wrote in to Shedworking with his experiences of looking for, buying, and having a garden office installed.

After far too long I have finally joined the world of shedworking! It's been in an extended planning phase after being diagnosed with a chronic disease in 2019. You might think a pandemic would have focused the mind but a combination of lockdowns and shortages meant a much longer stay on a makeshift shelf-desk than expected. Admittedly there was lots of indecisiveness as well and I definitely recognise some of the same deliberations as Paul.

There were also a few false starts along the way, including one notable runner up, Aspen Garden Rooms, the only quote which included electrical connection and foundations, which would have saved so much hassle.

After much deliberation we finally decided on the Workaway Plectrum and because we needed to organise foundations ourselves, a long overdue new patio at the same time. Although being small enough to fit in the corner of the garden was a big consideration, I was still slightly unsure about the size of the workspace inside, so it was great to be able to visit Bolton Buildings and have a look at the prototype.

The space actually works really well. The desk is a huge improvement over what I had been squashed on indoors, and there's plenty of room to be comfortable while not having too much room for the office to be taken over for other purposes!

After a long wait for delivery, which is understandable in the circumstances, installation took a surprisingly long time. I had assumed that it would be mostly assembled from pre-finished panels but there was actually a fair bit of carpentry on site. For example creating the curves for the cladding to go over.

Talking of the cladding, the corrugated board is bitumen based, which unfortunately left marks on the new patio. Obviously accidents happen but apart from a cursory apology, they were fairly dismissive which was a little disappointing given the upset it caused. (A patio has been on the to do list a lot longer the an office!). Fortunately GBI Construction who laid the patio and foundations (would definitely recommend), were able to get most of the bitumen off.

I finally moved in to the new office in October, when the sun was still warm enough to show up an unexpected issue. There is a black board which runs around the base of the office which expands and warps when it gets warm. Obviously that's not something building the prototype inside a warehouse would have shown up, but they are going to add a few more fixings to see if that will help keep it in place. It's been snowing today though so it might be a while before I find out whether that solves the problem!

As for temperature, it has been keeping nicely warm on the few cold days so far. I suspect keeping cool might be more of an issue in the hot weather. Time will tell but I'm expecting to have the door open a lot next year...

It definitely feels like it's still early days for the home office side of the business but I hope they persevere because I think it's a genuinely clever design and overall I'm really pleased with the new office.


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