Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How to build a shed most Googled DIY question of 2021

According to a new survey by metal supplier metals4U, the most Googled DIY question of the year, using search data from January to December 2021, reveals that the list is topped by 'How to build a shed' with 164,400 searches, not very closely followed by 'How to paint a room' (58,500), and 'How to fix a dripping tap' (52,800) in 2nd and 3rd spots.

Managing Director of metals4U, Paul McFadyen said: “There was significant investment going into home improvements throughout 2021. Depending on your shed size, height and usage requirements there are different planning permissions around building a shed, so it’s worth checking this first. Some people prefer to build metal sheds as they are sturdier and more weather resistant. We would recommend using either galvanized aluminium or mild steel that is treated with a proprietary weatherproofing product if doing so."

Of course, there are books available on exactly this subject... (and currently on a pleasant festive discount if you buy directly from the publishers Haynes). 


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