Sunday, October 24, 2021

Planning a garden office

You need to pause for thought before throwing yourself into the search for a garden office. There's obviously a lot of great advice here on Shedworking and from reputable garden office suppliers, but sometimes it's good to hear the thoughts of somebody else in the same position. Co-founder of ServerlessDays Paul Johnston is publishing his thoughts and plans in a series on Medium, starting with 'And so it begins... I need more space'. Here's a sample of his posts, Paul's ground rules for why he wants a garden office:

  1. I needed a space to do actual work. Simply put, a desk and a computer, and quiet where I could have video calls as well.
  2. I needed a space that would work in summer, winter and in the evenings, so a “glorified shed” without good insulation or heating would not be good, so I needed to consider that
  3. I needed the space to work in the garden and be usable by others. It wasn’t just going to be “my space” but might have to be repurposed as a garden space. The garden isn’t big. This is a big consideration.
  4. As environmentally friendly as possible. I’m not just going to concrete (bad) over a bit of the garden and dump a plastic filled monstrosity on it, however “aesthetically pleasing” it might look. Let’s see if it’s possible to make it good for the planet and work for us too.


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