Thursday, March 18, 2021

Interior garden office village

Here are the brand new inside garden offices built for Citibank Singapore's 'Wealth Hub' as a kind of 'banking conservatory' for its super-rich clients by Ministry of Design. It's all pretty lush with greenery (including palms, ferns, and arums, with a hydroponic system) including an observation deck, feature bar, banquette seating, lounge niches and most exciting of all, garden meeting pods which are described as "alternative discussion environments". It's all inside a soaring atrium with walls of tinted glass. Here's what the designers say about it all:

"Shrubs and trees evoke an atmosphere where everything seems to flourish in a natural and sustainable manner... Although drawing from the virtues of biophilic design, the scheme aims to create a cultured conservatory and not a wild forest. Introducing a measure of control and order amidst nature’s abundance, we created a series of carefully detailed planter box arrangements, sinuous in shape to allow for pathways and meeting spaces to be carved out in-between the landscape."


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