Friday, March 26, 2021

Wilma: Multi-Function Family Nook

Open up the 'interior garden office' folder because there's a marvellous new model on the block. What they've named the 'Wilma' (which happily is the name of one of our member of staff's wife) comes from London-based Moonalabs who describe it as a "mini home office pod". It's aimed at families who want some kind of personal haven as well as shedworkers. "Wilma is a mini multi purpose nook for the
whole family," they say. "Watch Wilma transform from a mini office for your conference calls to a
colouring nook during playtime. Wilma adapts to the needs of the moment."

Features include a small quiet fan for ventilation, toughened octagonal glass windows, optional shelving, table, power sockets, an anti-static low-pile carpet with rubber lining, plus LED ceiling and table lights. Outside the rubber plywood frame is clad in fabric (20 colours to choose from, including black) with an acoustic HD foam lining. An optional extra is casters with lockable rubber wheels. The whole thing measures 1.2m (l) x 1.1m (w) x 2.1m (h).

Tomorrow, we'll bring you another faboulous interior shedworking atmosphere...


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