Monday, March 08, 2021

Creating a garden office environment

There are plenty of 'how to make your home office perfect' kind of articles around at the moment, including ones about garden offices. It's nice though to get an expert opinion and Garden Affairs (their Proline model is pictured above) has a nice post on the subject which looks at all kinds of issues from where to site your desk to the importance of plants. Here's a snippet, but do look at the whole thing via the link above:

  • try standing: creating a simple stand-up desk is great for thinking on your feet (!), can make you more mentally alert and helps with posture and fitness.
  • style up your office: giving your space some lovely touches of your own will make it even more pleasurable to work in. Check out some of our ideas on how to style your office.
  • play music: Classic FM, Smooth Chill or Desert Island Discs; whatever your taste, background melodies fill the silence and are great company (or just open the windows and listen to the birds!)
  • put up pictures: when you’re at work, it’s important to keep all your senses stimulated. A photo of someone you love will trigger the release of oxytocin, making you feel safe and secure; a giant oil abstract will inspire creativity and get you thinking outside the box.


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