Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Garden studio for a musician

A lovely garden studio designed by Paul Archer Design for a musician in the back garden of a Grade II listed Victorian terrace in Lambeth, London. One unique feature is a fan which regulates humidity to protect the musical scores on the back wall of the 'library'. Here's what the designers say about it:

"The tiled flooring flows through from the kitchen of the main house across the garden down into the lowered floor of the studio. The added height removes the sense of restriction, giving a sense of openness of the studio nestled in amongst the raised planters. Facing back towards the house, the two facing sides are glazed, providing another visual link to the new rear extension. This has been made possible with the cantilevered steel structure fixed along the rear and flank walls...Using glass in this way helped to minimise the wall thickness and maximise the footprint of the studio."


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