Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Garden office insurance

A lot of new shedworkers have gone down the garden office path for the first time in the last 12 months and Shedworking has probably had more queries about all aspects of shedworking in that time than in the previous five years. One area that people are understandably keen to find out more about is insurance. There aren't many companies out there that specialise in garden office cover, but one of the most established is Henshalls, based in Newport with an office in Shrewsbury and they're a good first stop to go to for more information and advice, whether you're a one-person band or an employer dealing with new shedworkers.

“It’s clear that Covid-19 has changed the way businesses operate," says Jenny Osborne, Senior Commercial Account Executive at Henshalls, "and that many may never go back to the way they were before. But despite the new working arrangements, homeworkers’ health and safety protection at home is identical to that of on-site workers, and as an employer, you are duty bound to ensure they are working safely.

Jenny adds that some employees are concerned about how their home insurance cover is affected by changing working conditions. “The Association of British Insurers has announced that if you now need to work from home because of Government advice or because you need to self-isolate, your home insurance cover will not be affected. You don’t need to tell your insurer to update your details or extend your cover as you should still be covered by standard home insurance policies, as long as your work is office-related."

For more details, contact Henshalls direct.

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