Thursday, April 01, 2021

Brexit means UK sheds can finally have curved walls again

Today marks the end of a long campaign against the bizarre EU ruling made back in September 1994 (officially 'Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2257/94') that required that sheds in general, including garden offices, as a minimum standard must not have "abnormal curvature".

This had a catastrophic effect on the UK shed market, particularly for producers of shepherds' huts and retro Anderson shelters. The binding law made by unelected Eurocrats in Luxembourg imposed a €100,000 fine on any company which made, sold, or indeed simply sketched in pencil plans for a shed which had walls deviating from nice tight right angles by even one degree. 

Although we officially left most of the constraints of EU law on December 1 last year, one or two pieces of outstanding legislation have remained in place and have required additional discussions. This regulation is one of those and shed producers are now, as the Daily Express puts it, "breathing a sigh of relief" that they are finally allowed to build proper British sheds which look like Le Corbusier's finest work.

As an indication of what the UK Shed Marketing Board has been up against, EU timber spokesoman Loof Lirpa denied that the law even existed, which is typical of them.


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