Friday, May 15, 2020

The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society: Letter to My Shed

A really lovely letter by Dinah Johnson, founder of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, to her writing shed, extolling its myriad attractions, uses, and comforts in these lockdown times. Here's how it starts:
I’m not sure about writing to inanimate objects but well, I felt you deserved a special mention in all this mayhem, madness and sadness because you really have been like a lovely friend throughout.
Mainly thank you for saving my sanity by being a little refuge away from it all. You have properly felt like a safe harbour away from pings and news and all that malarkey. I do feel a bit bad that I’ve rather commandeered you for my Society. I know I have a whole corner of the living room too but you are by far much more appealing (don’t tell the living room that!). I can’t remember when we bought you. It might’ve been BC (Before Children, not Before Coronavirus) but without a doubt I absolutely love you!
You can - and should! - read the rest of it here.
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