Sunday, May 17, 2020

New report looks at changing working from home patterns

New analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has looked at the effect of coronavirus on commuting patterns. It argues that working from home is likely to be "disproportionately effective" at reducing public transport congestion, and that workers in certain industries, such as finance, are more able to work from hom and as a result "getting workers in these sectors to continue to work from home will therefore be extremely important".

“Returning to their work, while maintaining social distancing, will clearly be difficult for those who commute using public transport," said Alex Davenport, a Research Economist at IFS. "This is particularly true in London, and especially so among younger workers in London. Fortunately, many who previously used public transport are able to work from home. If social distancing on public transport is to be achieved then getting these workers to continue to work from home will be very important. In contrast re-opening the hospitality sector will create a particular challenge as many workers in this sector cannot work from home and were relatively heavy users of public transport to get to work.” 

The full report is available as a pdf here.  Image courtesy Modern Garden Rooms.

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