Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Lockdown shedworking in Ireland

It's been interesting how many people have started doing some kind of shedworking during the lockdown, but it has also thrown up how many people already work from garden offices. The Irish Times highlights four - a Wines Direct franchisee, an artist, a video editor, and a writer - and gives us a little tour. Here's a snippet:
"Una Sealy built her shed at the end of the garden 16 years ago, having worked in studios in Temple Bar and Henrietta Street [Dublin] over the years. “After I had children and moved out of the city centre, I started working from home. My studio is lovely,” she says. “It’s warm and bright, has running water and has room for my collection of art books. It’s separate from the house, so I can’t hear the doorbell or home phone and it has no internet, so the temptation isn’t there to zone out online.”
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