Thursday, May 28, 2020

New survey shows garden offices and working from home will be new 'normal'

A new survey from Cushman & Wakefield of more than 40,000 respondents worldwide in 30 companies across 20 industries shows that:

- 75% of people say they are collaborating effectively with colleagues in the current environment – up 10% from the pre-COVID-19 period
- 90% feel they are trusted to work remotely
- Almost three quarters of people would like their companies to embrace long-term or permanent flexible working policies
- Sub-par broadband connectivity is the biggest issue for respondents WFH

Overall, the findings reveal that work will shift from office-based to a total workplace ecosystem, balancing home, office and other locations. “It’s imperative to recognize that the workplace will no longer be a single location, but an ecosystem of a variety of locations and experiences to support flexibility, functionality and employee wellbeing,” said Brett White, CEO of Cushman & Wakefield.

You can download The Future of Workplace report at the link.

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