Friday, May 29, 2020

More than half of people say working from home has improved their quality of life

There's a glut of surveys around about how working from home has changed our working lifestyles and I'm not goint to point to every single one, but this is a good, wideranging one from Uswitch showing:

* A quarter of home-workers are doing their job from bed or in their nightwear, and 40% from the sofa

* Two thirds of workers say they are just as productive or even more so

* More than half say working from home has improved their quality of life, with two fifths exercising more and a third eating more healthily

* Nearly two thirds (61%) have had issues with their broadband or mobile signal - 16% have missed a deadline and 13% lost a client as a result of bad connections. A further 9% have been on a conference call to a colleague or client that has cut out.

More recommended reading in The Economist ('Death of the office As the pandemic leaves offices around the world empty, Catherine Nixey asks what was the point of them anyway) and The Guardian ('Working from home has a long history').

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