Saturday, January 25, 2020

The powerful effect of Scottish Men's Sheds

The Scottish Men's Sheds Association has been doing some wonderful work promoting their goals and successes over the last few months in the national press. Here's a snippet from the latest example, a major piece in The Scotsman:
With Scotland’s population ageing faster than the rest of the UK, the scourge of social isolation needs urgent attention. Yet for years, individuals, communities and MPs have struggled with a solution to the growing crisis. Though prevalent across all sections of society, it is often men, who have weaker social networks and a propensity for bottling up emotion, who suffer the most. And while charity, NHS and government-led initiatives have offered up solutions, it is a grassroots movement - Scottish Men’s Sheds - that’s been leading a quiet but mighty “health by stealth” revolution in men’s wellbeing across Scotland.
It's a really great read, well worth a look, especially if you live in Scotland.
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