Thursday, January 16, 2020

Garden office home gym pods

New Year, new shedlike fitness resolution? Home gyms are one of the shedworkingesque success stories of the last decade and grown in popularity throughout whatever we're calling the 2010s. Jordan Caulfield from Green Retreats (which has two showrooms in Westcott and Twickenham, no appointments needed, examples pictured above) is a big believer in insulated and durable home gyms at the end of the garden.

"Incorporating a healthier lifestyle with regular visits to the gym has never been so easy," he says. "Installed in the garden, home gyms are private and allow for intense gym sessions without having to extend homes or travel to and from a public gym. Garden gyms take minimal time to construct, and cause no disruption to home life. Bring the gym environment to your home, and make keeping in shape simple.

"Just a short walk down the garden, our home gyms are changing the fitness world by promoting fitness at home. Those who avoid attending busy local gyms now have a solution to exercise in privacy with peace and quiet for an affordable price."

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