Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Claire Barker: Shedworker

Children's writer Claire Barker - author of the Picklewitch and Jack and Knitbone Pepper series - works from a shepherd's hut in north Devon. Here's what she says about it on the Faber site:
"I love my hut. It’s basically the tree house I never had. On frosty mornings ribbons of smoke rise from its chimney and the windows glow. From my comfy chair I have a long view out of the window, across the field and all the way back to the woods. From here I can see all sorts of wildlife, hares, owls and weasels. On warm summer days little wrens gaze from the doorway and black birds hop about with worms in their beaks."
She adds that recently the Blue Tits have taken to headbanging the window until she produces the ‘right’ sort of snacks.

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