Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Callum Hawkins: shedworker

Shedworkers come from all areas of life. Marathon runner Callum Hawkins (pictured above) is among the various athletes - such as Bradley Wiggins - who has made good use of a garden room as a training area.

"We had a couple of bad winters where sometimes it was too icy to go out and get good quality sessions. So we thought we'd put up a shed with a treadmill to help me train. We did a bit in the heat chamber and thought we could replicate it instead." he told Sky News. "It can be pretty monotonous in the shed and the crippling heat can be quite tough. But it's just about getting through it and that's what makes champions."

He also told the BBC: “I got it up to 39 degrees at one point. It’s a big proper shed and not a wee tiny one.”

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