Saturday, January 04, 2020

Stefan-Peter Greiner's garden studio

An interesting article in The Strad (£) ooks at the work of luthier Stefan-Peter Greiner (he makes and repairs stringed instruments) and talks to Pauline Harding about his glass-fronted garden studio (pictured above) and shedworking environment. Here's a snippet:
Greiner’s abode is deliberately secluded, he tells me: not long ago he was based in a bustling workshop in Bonn, where increasing numbers of visitors were making it difficult for him to focus. ‘From the commercial side it was interesting,’ he says, ‘but I felt after a while that I wasn’t doing anything by myself. Now I work in my garden studio, and I meet my clients at J.&A. Beare.’ All in all, it is a far more peaceful and productive set-up – though he remains busy, with a waiting list of five years to buy one of his instruments through private sale.
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