Thursday, January 30, 2020

Garden office hairdressing salon

Running a hairdressing business from a garden office is a common kind of shedworking. Here's an example in a Booths Garden Studios design measuring 2.7m x 2.7m.

"The salon is set up in quite an unusual way since it didn't have any groundworks done for water supply and disposal of waste," explains Ian Wetherell from Booths. "There is a water supply to the shower unit in the garden studio but it's simply a frost free hose plugged into an outside tap from the house. The waste water from washing clients hair then simply empties into a "roller" waste unit which is emptied once it's full, into an outside drain at the house.

"The studio has a conventional shower unit installed which draws 10.5k. This is a lot of power to draw down and had to be checked with an electrician about doing it this way. The other alternative would be to have a small water heater/boiler which only draws 2k - this works like a large kettle which gives to a large amount of hot water to mix in with cold water to wash a clients hair."
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