Thursday, August 02, 2012

Shedworking is the key to Bradley Wiggins' success

Honestly, it is. As the BBC's Matt Slater puts it, "This time last year, the soon-to-be-knighted (if there is any consistency to these things) Bradley Wiggins was spending a lot of time in his garden shed."

Olympic gold winner Wiggins in fact does a lot of his training in his garden shed at his home in Eccleston, Lancashire. Here's how Sports Illustrated describes what he does there:
"When he needs to simulate a hot climate - often a problem in northwest England - Wiggins will repair to his TARDIS-sized shed (also used to store overflow guitars from his ever-expanding collection), put his bike on rollers, crank the heat and ... suffer. For hours."
Or as he told The Guardian:
"It's good to have the chance to train in real heat on the climbs as opposed to being sat in my garden shed with the heaters on full trying to replicate it."
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