Monday, September 02, 2019

Shepherds' huts: did David Cameron start a trend?

A nice article in The Sunday Times (£) by Katrina Burroughs looks at the range of shepherds' huts on the market, using David Cameron's hut and his imminent memoirs which he wrote inside it as a jumping off point. Lots of familiar names including Plankbridge, Blackdown, Pumphrey and Weston, Artisan, Riverside, Ashwood, Black Mountain, Red Sky, and Out of the Valley, but still well worth a look.

Here's a snippet of what Katrina says:
"Politics may have been stuck in the Brexit rut since Dave bought his bolthole, but there has been a transformation in the market for shepherds' huts... DC probably considered a woodburner quite the luxury in 2017 but hutters now aspire to hot tubs, ensuites, stargazer glass roofs and hand-printed wallpaper. There's also a trend for rolltop baths."
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