Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Burning Barn: shedworkers

Specialist handcrafted rum producers Burning Barn suffered a major fire four years ago when the Warwickshire-based family's barn burned down. More happily, they have recently built a shepherd's hut-style garden office on a WWII US Air Force bomb trailer chassis which they found lying around on the farm.

The main structure is ash and much of the build, which took five months, used recycled materials. The video at the bottom is an excellent look at how it was all put together and here's what they say about it:
"The most interesting part has been how absorbing the process has been. 12 - 14 hr days and exhausting physical labour but with tangible results has given me a new found respect for anyone who grafts for a living. Working on the hut I found hours passing without looking at my phone or checking emails and I finished the day hungry and with a sense of deep satisfaction that contrasts starkly with the feeling of having sat at a desk all day"
Writing on instagram they add: "Things we have learnt; manual labour is hard, things take 5x longer than planned, measure twice cut once, poly filler is not a solution, you only get one set of fingers, building stuff is very rewarding. Respect to all those in the trade."

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