Thursday, September 26, 2019

Semi-underground garden office design

We're always on the lookout for two kind of garden office designs in particular here on Shedworking, garden offices that rotate or are built underground. Here is one for the latter file from London-based Shape Architecture. Here's how they describe it:
The entrance to the office pavilion would be north-facing. Sketches of the idea developed a space with a high ceiling height supplemented with a lowered subterranean entrance. At the front would be a series of large windows that look back up the garden; ventilated at the top; which would allow lots of natural light in as well as views across the garden. There would also be a feature staircase to a glass panelled mezzanine level which could be used for meetings and offers another perspective and experience. This mezzanine level would be supported on one corner with a slanted column.
It also features a green sedum roof, long skylight, and a cantilevered desk at the ground floor on the same level as the garden which would be marvellous. Looking forward to seeing how this one works out beyond the drawing board. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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