Friday, July 01, 2016

Love Your Hut: New beach hut column

This is the first in a monthly series of guest posts about beach huts and hutlife from Matt Briggs at specialist hut insurers Love Your Hut

The Love Your Hut team lives and breathes beach huts (and chalets) every day. From new business and renewing happy hutters to speaking with existing and new Beach Hut Associations, it’s just what we love doing. As a team we have insured huts for 16 years and combined, have nearly 50 years’ experience in this niche and wonderful market.

Love Your Hut was born in February 2013.  Roll on 3½ years and we are still loving it. From the very beginning we wanted to offer a product and service that was befitting of all the different huts up and down the UK.  While they are all beach huts, they are also all so very different in shape, style, size, location and construction.  Our policy covers all these bespoke elements and that’s the way it should be – an individual policy for an individual hut.

We appreciate where they are – generally on a pomenade or a beach – so there’s no silly underwriting questions such as “Is your hut prone to flooding?”   and we also make it very easy for your policy to be bought online or via the team by phone, whichever suits the hutter best. We have always believed that our policy is market leading – no fees, no average applied to claims settlement, £nil excess, £5m public liability cover all as standard. But having reviewed our policy we are now offering even more cover, for the same price and still with no fee.  Having listened to our hutters, we now include loss of key cover up to £100, emergency travel up to £100, and alternative facilities cover up to £250.00.

We are very proud of our Gold Status with our service provider Feefo.  We currently stand at 100% Service Rating & a 99% Product Rating - these figures have come direct from our hutters.

We deal with huts from Scotland, down to the Isle of Wight, with lots in the middle. Most of them tend to be of wood construction, but some are brick, some are concrete and some of the newer huts are now being made of composite materials which are more resistant to our coastal weather.

As a business we also deal with a number of Beach Hut Associations and happily attend their AGMs, Fun Days, and other events as we feel this is a great way of getting to know the beach hut communities and how they work. If you have a beach hut and don’t belong to a Beach Hut Association, please let us know if you’d like to set one up – we will happily help you.

If you are interested in beach huts and would like a quote from us, please visit our website on or call us on 01924 580 990.  Please also visit our website to enter our competition to find the Love Your Hut of the Year. --------------------------------------------------------
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