Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garden Hideaways at Tatton Park Flower Show

Last year, the Tatton Park Flower Show launched a new area called Garden Hideaways which proved very successful, so much so that they're repeating it again this year. It's the same idea, all about making the most of microarchitecture and they've picked out three promising concepts in particular for visitors to enjoy this week: Blooming Bridgewater, which explores the eponymous canal, and Outside-In and The Garden Library which both "focus on creating a retreat from the busy world outside". Pictures later in the week here on Shedworking but in the meantime pictured above is last year's winner of the section, The Invisibility Tardis Shed of Navel Contemplation, designed by Manchester School of Art. Below are some early tweets of the sheds.

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  1. Nature always pure and beautiful.

  2. I was there last year, a great day out. I'm sure it was even better this year?