Friday, July 15, 2016

Jessie Burton: Shedworker

Jessie Burton, bestselling author of The Miniaturist and most recently The Muse, works from the garden office at her London home (or what she calls her 'she shed' in a Guardian interview which describes it as a "literary wendy house" which was paid for from the profits of her first novel and in which she wrote the second). You can see her at work in an excellent Audible video which looks at how her latest work was turned into an audiobook.

Here she is in the Spectator, talking about her shedworking lifestyle:
The second issue — that of sustained isolation — is a much harder nut to crack. You cannot write a novel by committee. Before I was published, my professional career was conducted in gregarious rehearsal rooms and communal city offices. These days, working from my writing shed, I regret the lunchtimes particularly, because there’s no one around to play table-tennis with me in the garden. Then the phone rings: it’s my editor at Picador, and as we brainstorm for two hours on how to make the second book fly, I feel less alone.
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