Monday, July 04, 2016

Build Your Own Pavilion: Serpentine seeks young architects of the future

Build Your Own Pavilion is a nationwide campaign and online competition which challenges young people aged 8-14 to design a small-scale model of a temporary summer pavilion. The project accompanies the Serpentine’s acclaimed annual architecture programme – the Serpentine Pavilion – to inspire the next generation of architects to design the Pavilions of the future. Entries close September 30.

This second year of Build Your Own Pavilion: Young Architects’ Challenge builds on last year's successful pilot which received more than 600 online competition entries. It was launched to mark the 15th anniversary of the Serpentine Pavilion commission, which since 2000 has seen incredible structures designed by some of the world’s greatest architects. Following popular demand, this year the competition is open to international entries, with the additional option of submitting digital design and computer-aided drafting (CAD) models.
Entries are divided into four categories: Hand-made Models and Digital Design, each with 8-10 years and 11-14 years classes. Each winner will receive an iPad pre-loaded with 3D CAD drawing software and runners-up will be awarded an architecture toolkit packed with books and creative materials. Designs will be judged by a panel of experts, including Bjarke Ingels, architect of the 2016 Pavilion. The winners will be selected in October.

Throughout the summer, a ‘Pavilion of the Month’ will be showcased in a special exhibition housed within the Serpentine Pavilion designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. Pictured above is Diego's commended entry in last year's 11-14 age group.

The brief is simple: to design and create a small-scale model of a temporary summer Pavilion that can house public events and a café. Physical models can be made with materials that can easily be found in the home or classroom, including scissors, sticky tape, glue, cardboard, paper, plastic, plasticine, lolly sticks, plastic straws, wire, thread or string. Digital designs can be created in Autodesk, a tool for 3D and CAD available to download for free.

The Build Your Own Pavilion website provides guidance on the principles of architectural design and a basic toolkit that includes useful information on everything from working with simple modelling materials through to 3D design and printing.

Participants can each enter up to five models by uploading photos or a link to their CAD files to the Build Your Own Pavilion website. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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