Friday, July 22, 2016

RHS Tatton Park Flower show: Sheds Roundup

The above is our favourite of this year's shedlike structures at RHS Tatton Park, a beautiful combination of microarchitecture and books by Kelly Brown. Here's what she says about it:

My design is based around a garden library. The facade of the building is to be clad from reclaimed timber, old doors, skirting, flooring etc. The intention is for it to be as colourful as possible in order to depict the colourful spines found on books and also the colour of flowers found in the garden. The internal space offers a larger than average window to let natural light in, with a small seat to sit and read books. Books can be taken from the bespoke shelving or you can simply sit and read pages from gardening books that will be pasted to the walls. As this will be donated to my daughter’s nursery I have proposed artificial turf to the floor, bringing the outside in, encouraging them to take their shoes and socks off!
Here is The Millenial Shed which is a comment on the UK's current housing crisis by Holly Fleming.
And finally, The Moo House by Andy Walker which comes with its own cow. --------------------------------------------------------
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