Friday, May 11, 2012

Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow

One to look out for at the Chelsea Flower Show this year is Patricia 'Aralia' Fox's Show Garden in association with Walworth Garden Farm and sponsored by RBS), Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow.

Patricia describes the garden as "an extension of the working office utilising unused urban rooftop space, turning it into a place of beauty. It is an inspiring, relaxing and yet thought provoking environment, in the midst of a concrete jungle". On the theme of 'technology meets tranquillity', in addition to a herbal tea bar, it will feature various modern technologies such as wi-fi, laptops, smartphones and tablets throughout the garden. "An office doesn’t need to be inside, nor does it need to have four walls," she says. "This is how our workplaces could look in tomorrow’s world - or so we wish!"

Conferences can be held in the lounge area under the weatherproof canopy where there will be a 3m x 3m video/projection screen. All the furniture in the garden - including contemporary hanging chairs - will be made using ‘up-cycled’ plastic materials and the decking will be bamboo.

 Follow the progress of the garden at its own blog which is particularly interesting for those of you keen on green roofs.
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