Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Integrated garden office and shed

Lynn Fotheringham and her team at InsideOut Garden Offices and Annexes have been busy in Oxforshire on another example of how a traditional shed can be incorporated into a modern garden office. "A lot of people that contact us ask for an integral shed and are willing to pay "above shed" prices for a streamlined building such as this," she says. "Highly insulated garden office at one end and supershed for bikes and lawnmower at the other. As the client said "the shed door is better quality than our front door"." The people hovering outside are two of their trusty team of joiners. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    My 13 yr old who is 6 ft 4 inches wanted a shed for his birthday & a few starter tools. The company who provided the shed raised the roof for a little extra cost on hearing how tall he was and were happy to oblige. He can now stand upright in all areas of the shed rather than damage his back stooping.

    Thanks again for the great service Kelly Barna sheds in Ireland and for helping out !!!!!! Playstation or shed ??? Same cost... The shed warming is this Saturday..!!! I'd rather he and his pals be creative in the shed than hanging out on the streets for the winter or sat in front of a games console....x