Friday, May 11, 2012

Red Maple: shedworkers

Red Maple - an IT support and solutions provider based in the North East of England - not only supports the concept of mobile working, the firm's team is entirely home-based and the HQ is a garden office. Indeed, so successful has this arrangement been that the company, which has completed IT contracts in London, Dublin and China and specialises in working with SMEs and entrepreneurs is now expanding its workforce.

Speaking from his garden office on Tyneside, Red Maple's founder Mike Proud (pictured above) said: “If you’re going to sell something like mobile working, it makes sense to use it to its full potential – and the actual benefit is visible to the client. With everyone working from home, we can cut out the road miles from commuting to an office, and to a client site. And for those visits to client sites, we’re looking to trial the range of electric vehicles that are now coming out. We’re also working on a deal with a solar panel provider to offer staff discounts to those staff that can use it.

“If we can gain from new technologies and skills, it makes sense to pass that on to businesses within the North East and further afield, as well as providing employment opportunities.”

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